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Advanced international production technology and high quality

  • WPC PVC Profile Extrusion Machine
  • HDPE PPR MPP Pipe Extrusion Machine
  • Plastic PP PE PS ABS PET Sheet Board Extrusion Machine
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about us

Customer’s success is the target we pursue. Qingdao Tracy Future Tech Plastic Co., Ltd. has advanced designing ideas and high quality persons with ability, focus on the manufacturing of all plastic equipment and all-around professional technical services, our all kind of plastic extrusion equipment witch meets the needs of global users.Rigorous design,strict standardized manufacturing process and excellent sales-service guarantee our machines with efficient,energy saving, multi-function and excellent quality production line equipment and considerate service.

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Our News

  • asd

    The difference between PUR and cold glue lamination machine for PVC WPC profile window door frame ceiling extrusion machine

    Suitable material: All kinds of PVC WPC extrusion profiles. Online and off line two types. PUR laminating for PVC WPC profile machines: 1. After the PVC WPC profile is laminated and compounded, with good formability and no rebound. The cooling time after lamination is ab...

  • SVS

    How raw material effects extruders

    Plastic extrusion, such as UPVC (rigid polyvinyl chloride) profiles or pipe products, is mainly formed through the mixing, extrusion processing, shaping, haul off, and cutting of PVC resin and related additives. The factors that affect the performance of products cover e...

  • acvsdv (1)

    Arab Plast ended successfully

    The Arabian Plastics Exhibition concluded successfully, further deepening the economic and trade cooperation between China and the United Arab Emirates. From December 13th to 15th, Chinese companies participated in the Arab Plast held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  The...

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Since its establishment, our factory has been developing first world class products with adhering the principle of quality first. Our products have gained excellent reputation in the industry and valuabletrusty among new and old customers..

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